Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth? 

As an estimation, 95% of Americans aging 18 years old and above are said to have a wisdom tooth or two. Wisdom teeth, typically molars, erupt at early adulthood after the second set of teeth have grown. The term “wisdom teeth” are used as they are said to be the final set of molars that a certain individual could have in his/her entire life. They can erupt between the late 18 and late 25, which is often called “the age of wisdom.”  

This set of teeth oftentimes does not render any function when it comes to the food eating process, and can sometimes cause complications especially when the tooth erupts sideways, affecting negatively the adjacent teeth and the jaw. This is why there are cases that an oral surgeon or the general dentist would recommend its extraction through surgery after careful observation of the patient’s case. If you are looking for an extraction surgery like this, the wisdom teeth removal Reston offers a professional service that is legitimate and trusted by many customers.  

According to Thomas Dodson, a professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and director of the Center for Applied Clinical Investigation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, wisdom teeth imposes some problems when they grow. This is rooted in the evolutionary changes of the jaw and the skull. Anthropologists have stated that as the human species evolve, so does the brain; and in order to accommodate the growing mass of the human brain, the jaw needs to shrink, rendering a limited space for teeth. This is the reason why the third set of molars usually does not have enough room to grow fully. And because the jaw has rendered incapacitated, the teeth can grow sideways, tearing the gum apart and affect the adjacent teeth — also known as impacted wisdom teeth. Some cases of impacted teeth need to be surgically removed by a professional oral medical surgeon or dentist as it may cause gum bleeding, tooth decay, inflammation, infection, and can develop into serious oral disease.  

Whether or not it needs to be extracted is a case-to-case basis that needs professional dental advice. There are cases where the dentist might not necessitate extraction surgery as they do not impose a threat to the mouth and other teeth, and when they have fully erupted and are functional. How to maintain its cleanliness needs to be discussed with your dentists as these teeth are not easy to maintain and clean. They are found at the back of the mouth, making them more susceptible to food particle accumulation and bacterial build-up. If the teeth show some symptoms of decay, your dentist might recommend having them removed. 

According to a recent study, 85 percent of people have wisdom teeth but most of these people would have their wisdom teeth removed. Also, the number of people who have wisdom teeth is increasing for each passing year.  

According to some doctors, it is important that the patient examines the wisdom teeth earlier in their teenage years so that careful decision will be made by the surgeon or the dentist. 

What are the Different Types of Pollution? 

We hear about pollution every single time as well as the degradation of our environment. It could be smog or the trash replacing the fish population in the sea. The thing is, there are kinds of pollution and it is important to know about them. 

Pollution Causes 

Since there are kinds of pollution, reasons and causes vary, and there isn’t just one single cause. But what exactly is pollution to begin with? The term pollution refers to the introduction of harmful chemicals to the environment that could have negative effects. It could be caused by burning fossil fuel, using energy, waste, and the list goes on.  

The Types of Pollution 

1. water pollution – water pollution is one of the most felt pollutions by humans as we need it to survive and for a food source. Trash, both hazardous or non, are thrown into the ocean, making some parts of it unhabitable by species. Corals and fish die and the temperature begins to rise. Toxic chemicals are also thrown into the sea, either by accident or by intent, making some oceans more polluted and toxic. The good thing is there are services that regulate and dispose of the waste properly such as the local construction bin rentals Niagara on the lake and other rental services in residential spaces too.  

2. Land pollution – is one of the top three major pollutions on the planet and is also affecting people and their health. Land pollution happens when the soil gets toxic and contaminated by chemicals that come from waste and fertilizers. This also affects not just the land and soil, damaging crops and animals, but it also goes to the sea, ocean, and lakes, contributing more to water pollution.  

3. Light pollution – this refers to the light that blocks off natural light from nature and is often found and experienced in bigger cities with heavy lights coming from big buildings. Although this does not significantly affect human health, it also gives inconveniences to us and to other species like birds. Migratory birds get confused with this light.  

4. Noise pollution – noise pollution is caused by explosions, concerts, jet engines, and others that may affect the humans; ears in the long run to the extent that an individual may experience hearing loss. 

5. Radioactive pollution – radioactive pollution is by far the most insidious and long-lasting and is caused by nuclear bombs as well as nuclear power plants. Radioactive materials are produced and released in the air such as plutonium, uranium, and others that are detrimental. Direct and prolonged contact may lead to chronic illnesses and even death. The failure to contain these materials from these sites leads to radioactive pollution that affects nearby places.  

6. air pollution – refers to the air being contaminated with harsh chemicals, gas, dirt, and dust. This significantly affects living organisms like humans and causes illnesses including those in the lungs. It also causes acid rain and smog. 

The environment is degrading but we are still capable of protecting it if we just do certain actions and commit to them. It is not too late to take responsibility for what we did to our nature.  

Alleviating the Pain that You Are Feeling 

It is normal for our bodies to feel the pain or when we are doing too much things, then we tend to feel some aching muscles around our body and this is the reason why we are alive because we can feel them but it doesn’t mean that we have to be used to it. You know the feeling of being uneasy and it is not going to be good for yourself and most of the tie you can focus well with the things that you need to do because of the aches and muscle pains that you are experiencing now. It is nice that you will try to find some ways in order for you to become better like consulting someone from the medical field such as the doctors or the best chiropractor Niagara Falls Ontario as they can be the best people to give you some relief. Others are afraid to face this kind of reality as they believe that it is too expensive to see one but the truth here is that it is more expensive if you are going to bare the pain and this can cause so much problems to your body. 

Of course, we can get it from the different activities that we are doing every day such as carrying heavy things or doing the laundry from morning to evening. Even those simple activities can give us this unpleasant feeling like when you are sitting on a bus for a very long time or you haven’t stretched your muscles because you need to be early for your flight. There is no rule that you don’t need to visit a professional therapist or a chiropractor when it comes to the small pain that you are feeling right now. It would be better that you can address this one as soon as possible so that you will know how to make things better and you can gain some knowledge about what you really need to do here.  

There are some relief that you can do so that you would not be feeling bad about the achy back or painful muscles in your legs while you are traveling or you are driving the car for about a day. You can take some medicine that can help to reduce the pain but you need to consult the doctor first or else there might be some problems with your body organs inside. You can buy some over the counter drugs but you need to research about the possible effect of it to your body.  

When you are sitting down, then you need to have the proper posture so that your back part would be comfortable and this will avoid so much problems. If you are driving your own vehicle, then you can stop for a moment and try to get out from your car and do some stretching exercises. This will be a big help to flow your blood continuously and avoid having spasm. You can buy a portable massager that you can use while you are on a travel.