We hear about pollution every single time as well as the degradation of our environment. It could be smog or the trash replacing the fish population in the sea. The thing is, there are kinds of pollution and it is important to know about them. 

Pollution Causes 

Since there are kinds of pollution, reasons and causes vary, and there isn’t just one single cause. But what exactly is pollution to begin with? The term pollution refers to the introduction of harmful chemicals to the environment that could have negative effects. It could be caused by burning fossil fuel, using energy, waste, and the list goes on.  

The Types of Pollution 

1. water pollution – water pollution is one of the most felt pollutions by humans as we need it to survive and for a food source. Trash, both hazardous or non, are thrown into the ocean, making some parts of it unhabitable by species. Corals and fish die and the temperature begins to rise. Toxic chemicals are also thrown into the sea, either by accident or by intent, making some oceans more polluted and toxic. The good thing is there are services that regulate and dispose of the waste properly such as the local construction bin rentals Niagara on the lake and other rental services in residential spaces too.  

2. Land pollution – is one of the top three major pollutions on the planet and is also affecting people and their health. Land pollution happens when the soil gets toxic and contaminated by chemicals that come from waste and fertilizers. This also affects not just the land and soil, damaging crops and animals, but it also goes to the sea, ocean, and lakes, contributing more to water pollution.  

3. Light pollution – this refers to the light that blocks off natural light from nature and is often found and experienced in bigger cities with heavy lights coming from big buildings. Although this does not significantly affect human health, it also gives inconveniences to us and to other species like birds. Migratory birds get confused with this light.  

4. Noise pollution – noise pollution is caused by explosions, concerts, jet engines, and others that may affect the humans; ears in the long run to the extent that an individual may experience hearing loss. 

5. Radioactive pollution – radioactive pollution is by far the most insidious and long-lasting and is caused by nuclear bombs as well as nuclear power plants. Radioactive materials are produced and released in the air such as plutonium, uranium, and others that are detrimental. Direct and prolonged contact may lead to chronic illnesses and even death. The failure to contain these materials from these sites leads to radioactive pollution that affects nearby places.  

6. air pollution – refers to the air being contaminated with harsh chemicals, gas, dirt, and dust. This significantly affects living organisms like humans and causes illnesses including those in the lungs. It also causes acid rain and smog. 

The environment is degrading but we are still capable of protecting it if we just do certain actions and commit to them. It is not too late to take responsibility for what we did to our nature.